Sunday, April 11, 2010

These final weeks

Another week has pasted here in Ballyvaughan. I am having the time of my life right now- learning a lot about people, compassion, and self. It's been such a wonderful time. 

This week has been really relaxing. Normally a week before the end of the semester is the most stressful, chaotic, disaster one could ever imagine, but here, I have been taking my time, enjoying things, and spending some quiet time outside. 

Wednesday I had my final group critique, which I think went fairly well. I wish it were longer though- 20 minutes is not near enough time. 

Thursday night I went to set dancing with Brittney, Brian, Janine, and Steph. I truely love set dancing. It is what Ireland is all about. I had such a good time and I think I am starting to pick up on some of the dances. 

Friday was Irish Studies- which was horrible. I can't remember the last time I felt so frustrated and antsy- so I wont go there. Friday night I was at school though for quite a long time preparing materials, cleaning up a bit, and playing ball out in the courtyard: )

Yesterday was such a great day!! (Also it was Pat and I's two year anniversary) 
Everyone went to the aran islands (I stayed in Ballyvaughan) and Kelly and I went on such a fun adventure. We biked to the farmers market, then to Bishop's Quarter, where we had a great talk and some good laughs, then we hung out in this farmer's field. We were rolling down the hills, eating grass, looking for four-leaf clovers, and doing summersaults: ) We are such kids. 
After playing outside I went to school and made bread paper...which was interesting to say the least. At night was the america party- which was a bit of a let down- but nonetheless I had a blast dancing. Oh, and the green wig was back by popular demand. 

Today I have been walking around Ballyvaughan around the shore. I have had a good time kind of walking by myself. Tonight I am going to Kinjis for a MCAD burrito dinner: ) mmmm and I am bringing stuff to make orange floats. 

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