Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Pattys in Galway

On St. Pattys day, a group of us took a mini-bus taxi to Galway for the day/night. Let me just say, st. patricks day should always always always be celebrated in ireland. The spirit and excitement is not comparable to anywhere else in the world- absolutely amazing. 

We started on the day with the Galway parade, which was pretty cool. There were not a lot of floats, but there was belly dancers, bag pipes, storm troopers, and unicycles. I got one piece of candy- a foot shaped sucker, and before I knew it two hours has past and the parade was over. The rest of the afternoon consisted of walking around, eating a lot of food, and pear cider. I am glad that I went back to Galway (the last and only other time that I was there I had a negative experience and I didnt like Galway that much- but boy I underestimated that city)

After about 8 hours of walking around we went back to the hotel to prepare for the night of dancing. Hailey and I went to this dance club and spent the night having a blast! I sweat a lot, I got in trouble for set dancing in a club, and I met some perfect strangers- so funny. Overall, a really good time- oh yeah and I wore a green wig the whole day. 
Lots happened in between and around this synopsis.

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